Respect for the Environment

The Madetec worries about using natural resources as raw material for furniture production only environmentally correct wood like MDF and MDP, which are produced with wood from reforestation.

All residues now undergo a recycling system, thus preventing the waste are thrown in nature. The Madetec outsources this work with CETEX – Treatment Center of Industrial Waste, a company that collects Arapongas these leftovers and enjoy transforming into new products. Wood residues are benefited and become briquettes and pellets, biofuels environmentally friendly boilers used in hospitals, hotels, furnaces, fireplaces, grills, etc.. As the waste paint and varnish are also collected and transformed into floor paints. Thus, in addition to avoiding the waste Madetec still protects nature.

Respecting the nature is a duty of all and that is why the Madetec practices “ECOnsciousness” our commitment to the environment.